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Why Vitamin D ?

Vitamin D is not actually a vitamin, its a hormone.

A very important hormone that is one of the main drivers of your immune system

We get it naturally from exposure to the sun.

Unfortunately most of us do not expose our selves to the sun enough to get the amount of Vitamin D that evolution has dictated we need to be the healthiest of human being we can be.


Thank fully we dont need worry as Vitamin D supplementation can be just as good.

Taken regularly  (daily) the body can produce the hormone needed through the gut and then the liver and into the blood stream.

Why ZOOMAVIT Vitamin D? We understand how difficult it can be to get supplements into children and babies thats why we developed a Vitamin D liquid drop product.

The easy way to get Vitamin D into your Kids.

One drop = 400IU  New research finds New Borns & Young children need at least 1000IU per day.

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